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487 dryburgh street, a well cut outfit, active left wing politics, amsterdam, antiques roadshow, architecture, art, art nouveau, arts and crafts, being braver than now, boardgames, boots, ceasing to smoke really, collage, connecting me to you, crap tv when exhausted, crime fiction, design, diana wynne jones, earrings, endowing objects with love, enjoying work, falling in love again, family, ferns, five word interests, following your heart, gene, getting a new bed, green, happy parties, holding on to history, home, human rights, inner city melbourne, inspirational relief, isabel allende, journeys through bedrooms, laughing till i hiccup, loyalty, magpies warbling, making lists, marty, mathematics, mayonnaise, melbourne, moss, mum, my butterstick, neil gaiman, nerds and geeks, night walks alone, not being lonely, otters, ozone before it rains, packing to go away, papa, people (good ones), people with ideas, performance, plants in my bedroom, rain on corrugated iron, reading, real news, red wine, reinvention, renewable energy, robert b parker, scamp, scrabble, shifting internal states successfully, singing at inopportune times, skin on skin, stretching delicious sleep longer, style, sudoku, summer smells, sushi, talented people, technology, textiles, the 25th hour, the genome project, theatre, ticking things off lists, understanding space, wild hair, wriggling toes with joy